Breaking Grass

With their fresh sound, original material, strong vocals and innovative musicianship, Breaking Grass is doing exactly what their name implies. Although not quite traditional, the music they present is without a doubt steeped in the timeless genre they grew up listening to. Comprised of Cody Farrar on guitar; Tyler White on fiddle; Jody Elmore on banjo; Zach Wooten on mandolin; and Britt Sheffield on bass; this innovative band formed with one goal in mind - to make music that all ages could enjoy.

Breaking Grass is excited to announce the release of their newest album, "Just as Strong."  Order in the Breaking Grass online store, or order from Itunes below

"If Forrest Gump were talking about this band, he might say 'Breaking Grass is like a box of chocolates....'   With Breaking Grass, my very first impression was; this band understands variety.  From heartfelt emotion to barroom romance to a Texas Two-Step to a genuine good-old-fashioned barn-burner, Breaking Grass lacks nothing in mixing it up.  It's refreshing to hear a band that truly is different...different from any other and even different from within." - Brian McNeal - Prescription Bluegrass 

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Order "Just As Strong" from Itunes today by clicking on the picture!

Order "Just As Strong" from Itunes today by clicking on the picture!

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