"The guys from Breaking Grass have made a new record called “Somewhere Beyond” and it is such a pleasure to listen to. These cats are top notch musicians and the powerful singing puts it over the top for me. They have arranged a very refreshing bunch of songs and sounds to make this project. It’s when I listen to a record like this, that I remember that bluegrass is just the best music to my ears and these guys do it right."  - Jeremy Garrett - The Imfamous Stringdusters

"I absolutely love the new recording. My initial thoughts as I listen are how and proud I am to see a young band or group of musicians who are developing their own style and creating original music at such a high level. That is the future of Bluegrass. You are the future of Bluegrass. The vocals and instrumentation are top-notch. But the thing that jumps out at me the most is the ability to find original songs that suit your style. And the fact that you’ve created a style of your own. I can’t help but be drawn into the Mississippi swank and swagger. Your music reflects soul and attitude that resonate to the roots of bluegrass while pushing forward with your own brand. Even the uptempo tunes have a sultry sway about them.  I like it when a band has its own style and you remind me of a Steeldrivers, Cadillac Sky or Marty Stuart. It’s bluegrass but it’s gritty with Mississippi mud all over the tires and hints of Country music on the radio. The original tunes are all top notch with my ear and my ole heart returning to “The Gift”. I wish you much success with this. Don’t change a thing. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep being you. Lean into your originality. Cookie-cutter sameness has hurt bluegrass over the years but something fresh and new like your music has the ability to heal it." - Darren Nicholson

"Five of the most ENERGETIC AND ENTERTAINING guys in bluegrass today. Put them together and Breaking Grass is a band that is OVER THE TOP in vocals and instrumentals. Bluegrass at its best." - Sharon from NC

"BUCKLE UP for a bluegrass cruise that will take you from 0 to 220 mph in 3 songs Flatt." - Rhonda from NC

"Energetic, Entertaining, FOR EVERY AGE! Breaking Grass: breaking ground in the Bluegrass world!" - Patricia from AL

"It's better than a concert, it's an EXPERIENCE!" - Dan from OK

"If Forrest Gump were talking about this band, he might say 'Breaking Grass is like a box of chocolates....'   With Breaking Grass, my very first impression was; this band understands variety.  From heartfelt emotion to barroom romance to a Texas Two-Step to a genuine good-old-fashioned barn-burner, Breaking Grass lacks nothing in mixing it up.  It's refreshing to hear a band that truly is different...different from any other and even different from within." - Brian McNeal - Prescription Bluegrass 

"Everywhere I look now days I see new artists, bands and singers. Though many are good with many levels of talent, I haven't seen or heard any that can compare to the originality that Breaking Grass offers with the good songs they write and the way they sing them. This is certainly going to be a band to watch and I'm sure they will begin climbing the ranks of Bluegrass once fans see and hear what I do with this wonderful band." Jamie Dailey-Dailey & Vincent
"Breaking Grass has found a sweet spot in its sound, heavy on bluegrass with just the right amount of country.  This album proves Breaking Grass is worthy of its title, and the band has a bright future."  Scene Now - North Mississippi Daily Journal
"I met Breaking Grass early in 2011 and was immediately taken by their exciting brand of music.  They have a fantastic bunch of original material, excellent picking and are wonderful guys to boot.  Give them a listen and you'll be a fan!"  Stephen Mougin - Dark Shadow Recording
"This band is fun with energy and they are real.  I love their choice of songs and their original material.  Very entertaining!"  Jim Roe - Roe Entertainment
"I am proud to have a great group of young musicians represent our great state of Mississippi here, there, and everywhere.  Folks, if you haven't seen and heard this award winning band, they are worth a drive from anywhere.  Go see them!  You will be glad you did."  Bertie Sullivan - 3 Time SPBGMA Promoter Of The Year
"Thank you so much for performing at our 1st annual Walnut Grove Bluegrass Festival! Your show was spectacular, and we have received numerous requests for your band to come and play again. We know how much effort your band and crew put into making the trip to us and the contribution you gave to the festival will always be remembered. We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did. We are glad to have you back next year as a returning artist at our 2nd annual bluegrass festival. With bands like Breaking Grass, it will surely be a continued success. Thanks! and Good Luck to continued success." - Benny McWaters and W. A. Pate - Walnut Grove Bluegrass Festival
"The 'Breaking Grass' project has the grit and it has the soul.  It also has the enthusiasm of all the band members giving it their all.  I loved all the great original material.  Each and every one had a great story to tell.  I dare anyone to play this project just one time!  It just can't be done!  It keeps  you wanting more!" - Al Shusterman - KCBL Radio - Backroads Bluegrass